CyberSym Blogs

About CyberSym Blogs

The CyberSym Blogs site offers information and opinion about a wide variety of areas involving science, engineering, technicology and life.

You can find articles on subjects in health, fitness, medicine, chemistry, biology, physics, math, logic, engineering, computer science, information technology, education, literacy, economics, and policy.

About CyberSym Science & Society

The CyberSym Science & Society blog site is dedicated to exploring issues involving the impact of science on society and vice-versa. Specifically the site attempts to:

  • Explain non-obvious methods and results from science that might benefit the public
  • Discuss issues raised by science that may be troubling to society
  • Improve the general level of understanding between scientists and the public at large

About Technology Intersection

The Technology Intersection blog site is dedicated to all things technology—especially the myriad ways in which different technologies impinge and build upon each other. Topics include computer and information technology, biotechnology, communications, energy, transportation, nanotechnology, and robotics, to name a few.

About Ultrarunning Edge

The Ultrarunning Edge site is dedicated to extending the art and science of ultrarunning through better gear, improved ways of utilizing gear, advancements in aerobic exercise physiology, more effective training approaches, and better nutrition.

Whether you run long self-supported expeditions on wilderness trails, or you’re an experienced mid-pack runner of lengthy ultramarathons, an elite distance trail racer, or a newbie, we can all benefit from better approaches to ultrarunning. The content here draws from many years experience with endurance sports competition (trail running, road cycling, mountain biking, nordic skiing), extensive knowledge of biochemistry, biophysics, medicine, nutrition, and engineering, and lots of great input from the ultrunning community.