My Favorite Things: Yaktrax Pro

Written by Bruce R. Copeland on December 30, 2008

Tags: snow, trails, winter running, yaktrax


For efficient winter running traction on packed snow trails here in the Wasatch mountains, nothing beats the Yaktrax Pro! They slip over running shoes easily, and the velcro strap makes it easy (and comfortable) to cinch them down securely. At 5.5 oz per pair, they add very little weight to your feet, and they are simple to pack because there are no sharp spikes or abrasive edges to worry about.

The mountains of Utah tend to have drier, powdery snow. If we get ice, it’s usually a thin layer at the very bottom of the snow. Most years that is a long way down. Yaktrax are designed to grip over their entire bottom webbed surface. This gives optimal traction in packed snow, where spikes would have little or nothing to grip against.  

Yaktrax are not for everybody. If you run in some other part of the world where there is a lot of ice or crust, you may be better off with spikes. Also Yaktrax do not hold up well on rocks or dirt. For traction on roads or trails where there is occasional ice, you’re probably better off with spikes or studded shoes (my preference on icy pavement).

If you need traction on packed snow trails that don’t have exposed rock or dirt, I highly recommend the Yaktrax Pro.