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Trail Conditions for the 2015 Logan Peak Trail Run

Written by Bruce R. Copeland on June 09, 2015

Tags: jeep trail, logan peak, races, snow, syncline trail, trails, ultrarunning

It has been a strange year for weather in the high country—very warm, dry Winter and very wet Spring. Over the last few weekends, I’ve been up on different parts of the course for the Logan Peak Trail Run.

Most of the trail is in pretty good shape. Last weekend I cut out a number of downed trees on the N. Syncline portion of the trail. (Three downed fir trees of moderate size still remain.) The S. Syncline had a lot of late snow. The snow has mostly melted by now, and there was only one significant downed tree. The Providence Canyon jeep trail also had a lot of residual snow, but it should be gone by race day.

I have not been on the actual road to the peak, but there is only one short section that is significantly protected. I expect the road to the peak to be fully clear of snow by race day.

Conditions look good for the race!